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Hemp Day Video: Neuropathic Pain? Acne? Inflammation?

Pain due to sports injury

Do you have Aches and Pain?

Hemp Oil has been found to be effective in helping reduce discomfort due to neuropathic and other issues which may cause discomfort. Whether you had a car accident or an injury, a topical application of hemp oil combined with normal hemp oil extract dosing (sublingual) may boost your healing time and help you feel better.

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THC and CBD – Cannabidiols

While there’s been a wealth of information supporting THC (which is the psychoactive ingredient in Hemp) and pain reductions, there’s been some medical studies involving CBD as well. While the studies regarding CBD are more limited in the positive conclusions supporting reduction in neuropathic pain, the studies with THC have been slightly more conclusive – but they both still require additional studies. There are practitioners who speak out in support of CBD and other cannabidiols being used to address neuropathic pain.

What about Inflammation and Acne?

While the jury may still be tied up in the case of high impact of CBD with neuropathic cases, it has more evidence in support of CBD in hemp oil for issues such as inflammation and acne. Studies have shown varying success with the use of Cannibidiols (CBD namely) topically and orally with patients with moderate to severe acne.

In case of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), studies in mice and rats showed reduced amyloid beta neuroinflammation after CBD treatment. Additionally, other forms of inflammation have been shown in more studies to be reduced or practically eliminated with the introduction of CBD. Researchers are continuing with more of their studies. Chronic applications of CBD will provide more detailed results for the researchers to provide more of a basis for conclusions.

This link provides one of the most interesting “reads” on the uses of CBD in various applications. It may be a hefty document for some, but it is informative!