It's a good idea to get a COA with your CBD purchase. This means the industry is policing itself and you should review the COA.

You’re Getting Ripped Off when You Buy CBD?

I Certify that this is Honest to Goodness Good for you!

If these are the words coming from the mouth of any vendor of CBD, or pretty much anything else, you should know that it’s likely a good time to keep moving. Most people ignore the fact that CBD is a botanical substance and it affects people in different magnitudes. Also, let’s not forget that some products are inferior to others.

Here’s a quick list of a few things for you to examine when you’re in the market for Hemp Oil Extract, particularly CBD and related Full Spectrum oils:

  1. Get the COA – The Certificate of Analysis is the starting point for reasonable due diligence when it comes to checking out your product. With CBD Oil and other extracts, they’re often blended with MCT, Olive or another carrier oil for dilution and absorption. But, if you’re not able to know just by examining the oil, how potent it is, you may be getting a horrible oil for a horrible price. The COA as in the example shown below, will detail the level THC/CBD/CBG and other terpenes and cannabinoids as requested by the firm presenting the material for testing. In the example below, you see that the company Hemp Adaptives™ has a 2000mg (60ml) jar with considerably more CBD than advertised (it actually tested at 2048..8mg). Plus, THC is just a very minute amount, but;Learn why Hemp Adaptives is so Popular - Value of CBD
  2. Ask friends – We’re aware that some people will buy anything from anybody. But, it’s often a good idea to ask around before buying some things. Yes, even CBD can have people with strong opinions – either way (for or against). Getting input from others IS helpful – even if others are against it. Be aware that learning from others helps you build a starting point for more research. You’ll hear things like “that stuff was a rip off!” or “it worked like a charm for me – I sleep like a baby now.” Use these as a baseline when you do your own homework.
  3. Do the math – Really. Do the math. David took some time in the winter to do a quick video on determining the strength of your CBD oil. Use this as a guide to calculating how strong the CBD oil you’re taking is. You really want to concentrate on keeping Like items with Like items. For example, MCT oil based Full Spectrum drops labelled 500mg with another brand MCT oil based Full Spectrum also labelled 500mg. You’ll find a HUGE disparity in product pricing per milligram in some products. Are they really that high in variation in quality? More homework is needed.

Where to learn a bit more about Strength of your CBD and Hemp Oil

David and I have been working to keep up with research on just about “anything hemp”. This has led us to create a lot of helpful guides for our customers. One of these is a useful guide to quickly determine whether you’re getting a good value for your money with CBD oil and related Full Spectrum oils.

For a limited time, we will be giving away those guides are the grand opening to our newest Store in North Carolina located in Hillsborough. We’ll be announcing the grand opening as we get closer to our big day and the crews get closer to finishing the updating to the shop.

But, you can always refer to earlier videos for a bit of help.

It's a good idea to get a COA with your CBD purchase. This means the industry is policing itself and you should review the COA.

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