Fun Hemp Face Masks

We love these hemp face mask products! Each has a special filter with 2 layers (3 layers total) and is made with quality fabric with increased density for your protection. This mask was created in response to local lack of supply for protection and we are showing our support for Hemp Health across the USA by shipping these quickly to those who wish to stay safe and display their support for cannabis.

If you’re looking for more day-to-day masks, you may wish to look here.

Face masks are made with 2 ply with 100% cotton and a non-woven light-weight interfacing. The face mask ties are cotton-poly blend. Each mask is sewn with 100% cotton thread and includes a metal wire for nose structure.  

These masks are custom made and feature dual sided treatment. One side for work/school, one side for friends/fun.

Adult mask is 7.5″ wide. Washable.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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One of our Budtenders, Jenni Sniffen, started making Face Masks in response to the COVID19 Pandemic. How she got started was an organic action.

Jenni was already a skilled seamstress and very crafty person. She was recently out grocery shopping for her family while the world was panic buying toilet paper. While she waited in a long checkout line, she found pleasant conversation with the shopper behind her. He was a nurse who was shopping for the people in his neighborhood. He told her that they were out of face masks at the local hospital and this was very concerning to the staff at the hospital. 

To Jenni, this health care practitioner was one of the world’s unsung heroes. 

This inspired Jenni to take action. She zipped home and researched “how to make the best COVID style face masks?” She learned, while doing her research, that not only the local town was affected by this lack of face masks.  She immediately made her first goal to make 20 masks for local Healthcare professionals and those in need (those people who have immune systems compromised and others at risk).

She turned to the team at Carolina Hemp Hut for support and got the ball rolling. She quickly reached out to the local community and roughly gauged the overall need for these face masks; not just in the health care industry but also those immune compromised and those who care for them. 

Jenni has led the charge and the team at the Carolina Hemp Hut salute her efforts and are working with her to promote better health across our communities. 

Since we work so well to help people with hemp health, we knew it would be a natural extension to include HEMP themes in our Face Masks! Now you have a fantastic choice with each of our face masks.

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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

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