Delta-8 Cookies from D8-HI Edibles


D8 HI Delta 8 THC Edibles Cookies 500mg. Vegan cookies with reliable shelf-life. Available in three Flavors: Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter.

– 500mg Delta 8 per bag
– 8 cookies per pack
– 62.5mg Delta 8 per cookie

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Let’s talk Cookies! Let’s talk D8 HI Delta 8 THC Edibles Cookies 500mg

Wow, that’s a mouthful. Let’s enjoy a cookie instead of trying to digest this long name: D8 HI Delta 8 THC Edibles Cookies 500mg.

Each D8-HI brand cookie is a hefty 62.5mg average milligrams of Delta-8 THC. Since the average person has some therapeutic relief at 20mg of Delta-8, the D8-HI cookies at 62.5mg (at least 3x stronger) are sure to perform, right?

Oh yeah.

We love these cookies since they are super shelf-stable and super clean ingredients. We asked the team at D8-HI why they went the direction they did on the ingredients list. They wanted clean ingredients with long shelf life. This means keeping the preservatives low while making sure the ingredients were stable for storage. After a lot of product testing (we loved getting some of their test samples!), they came up with a solid, tasty and reliable formulation for each of their flavors: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon.

Chocolate D8 Cookies? Say that again.

Yes, the cookies come in three different variations. So far, everyone seems to love the chocolate D8 cookies from D8-HI. But, in the race for superiority, the Snickerdoodle-reminiscent Cinnamon cookies with D8 have been vying for the title with Peanut Butter playing a strong game as well. All three flavors appear to be fan-favorites in our Carolina Hemp Hut stores and across our e-commerce universe.

If we were to provide a review on the D8-HI Delta-8 Cookies from Carolina Hemp Hut, we’d be sure to mention the 500mg of Delta-8 per 8 cookies in the package. But, the taste is where most people will linger for info. The three cookie flavors each are very good, but none match what you would get from a fancy cookie place in a mall or upscale bakery. However, this should not make you turn away from enjoying these. While these aren’t on par with gourmet cookies, the gourmet cookies are not on par with D8-HI cookies in the cannabinoid concentration.

We know it would be great to get some amazingly scrumptious cookies drenched with health-boosting cannabinoids, but we are also reality-based. Some day, we hope…

For now, you won’t be disappointed knowing that these cookies are wonderfully strong with Delta-8 and have a fun taste, albeit not gourmet. Our vote does edge toward the Cinnamon cookies in the taste department. But, you may prefer the Chocolate cookies with milk and a blissful rest later yourself.

Impact of Delta-8: What does it do?

Delta-8 THC is a bit of a mysterious cannabinoid. It’s created from the Industrial Hemp plant and has healing properties. It also has an intoxicating impact when taken in suitable doses. The 62.5mg in each of these cookies is likely to be a noticeable level for anyone taking Delta-8 frequently for insomnia discomfort or similar. We have noted people use Delta-8 cookies for relaxation, discomfort from Insomnia and Pain/Aches. What it will do for you is really going to depend on your own body’s biochemistry.

Very few people have a reaction to the Delta-8. In our stores, we are very concerned about product education and safety and we provide a detailed explanation of possible impact of the cannabis compound. While drug manufacturers use the term “Side Effects” when describing their creations, botanical products such as edibles with Delta-8 THC are simply botanical compounds with cookies to make a therapeutic product. Some of the direct effects of Delta-8 are worth noting. Some people will experience a bout of paranoia. This isn’t very common, but it does exist for many people trying any form or analogue of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If you have tried Delta-9 THC products (the compound in normal marijuana) and felt paranoia, then you may wish to avoid Delta-8 or Delta-10 products altogether or start with very small amounts at first – to test your body’s response.

Since most people use these cookies to assist in getting to sleep (ideally, helping with the discomfort from insomnia or sleeplessness), they find that drugs such as Ambien are not so necessary. Natural sleep with Delta-8 is superior to that from the altered state sleep from the pharmaceutical products.

Whenever you decide to try a delta-8 product for the first time, we always suggest a very small dose with only a few doses initially. This “Low and Slow” technique will help you discover your own body’s response to cannabinoids of any form (this includes the ubiquitous CBD) easily. Once you are comfortable with a particular dose, you typically will be able to keep that dose and will be able to adjust it as needed simply.

Quick Recap on these fantastic Cookies:

– 500mg Delta 8 per bag
– 8 cookies per pack
– 62.5mg Delta 8 per cookie

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