Blunt Ugly Glass Roach


Blunt Ugly: Glass Blunt for On the Go herb/hemp flower enjoyment. Very Portable Glass blunt with handy twisty feature to allow you carry your Hemp Flower on the go.

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Baby Roach is what some people call this clever piece of glass and metal. The Blunt Ugly is a mini glass blunt (better than a one-hitter or dugout) that allows you to enjoy your herb on the go.

With the Blunt Ugly: Glass Blunt you can use it with your favorite herbs while out and about in the town. Each comes with a kit that includes an extra tube to have full as a back up if and when this mini blunt runs out. Or, simply use the extra glass tube as a backup if you aren’t as coordinated as some of your friends.

Each kit also includes extra O-rings for making sure your twisty tube is tightly sealed for your enjoyment of the herb. Also, these handy kits include a very useful cleaning brush to keep your blunt crystal clear. We recommend Formula 420 (we carry it!) to keep the glass in top shape.

Packing the tubes are simple. Take your crushed herb (contact us about grinders too) and ease it into a small mound. Pop the glass tube slowly off the twisty mouthpiece and slide the open end of the tube into and through the mound of herb. You can ease the herb into the tube with your fingers or a tool to make the process easier. When the tube is sufficiently filled, ease the twisty (corkscrew) back into the glass tube with a small twisting motion to no over-compact the herb. With practice, this becomes super easy and quick. Make sure the O-ring settles nicely over the receiving end of the mouthpiece. If you kept the cap on the tube as you did this, you now have a properly packed glass blunt that’s not really Blunt Ugly, but relaxation to go.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 1 in


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