Bud and Me Isolate CBD Drops


Bud & Me Isolated CBD Drops/Tincture. 1000mg with MCT Carrier oil. Approximately 33mg of CBD per serving. Unflavored.

We recommend using these as a booster of CBD along with your favorite full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil product.

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Bud and Me Isolate CBD Drops are the best option for anyone hoping to BOOST there phytocannabinoids while not breaking the bank.

What are Bud & Me Isolate CBD Drops?

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a very common natural compound found in Marijuana and Hemp plants. Industrial hemp, the source of all Bud & Me products, is required by Federal Law (including the US Farm Bill 2018) to contain less than 0.3% (DWT) of Delta-9 THC, the intoxicating yet healing compound found more commonly within Marijuana flowers.

The drops from Bud & Me are from high quality industrial hemp flower extractions that are refined to be high concentrations of only CBD then blended with a healthful carrier oil (in the case of Bud and Me products, MCT or medium-chain triglycerides from tropical coconut oil). This allows for an essentially tasteless product.

Dosing with Bud & Me Drops

If you’re looking to adding phytocannabinoids to your health regimen to boost your body’s own endocannabinoid system, then a very affordable product like Bud & Me will help tremendously.

The Entourage Effect

THC and its analogues (consider them to be cousins of Delta-9 THC) stimulate what is known as the “Entourage Effect”, effectively boosting the impact of other cannabinoids (such as CBD) when it’s present. This is why so many people find additional relief of the discomfort they face on a day to day basis from Insomnia, Aches and Pains, Anxiety and Inflammation.

It is often a good idea for both better effectiveness and affordability to start with an affordable Full Spectrum CBD/Hemp Oil Extract. Carolina Hemp Hut offers a tremendous selection of high grade and affordable CBD Oil products. The range of these full spectrum cannabinoid products typically varies with Strength (measured in Milligrams or mg), organic content (certified organic or organic ingredients, extraction technology, terpene content (which is very important for more effective health outcomes), and volume of the bottle (the standard 1 oz bottle is equivalent to 30ml and is how most brands offer their products).

But, I can buy CBD at the Local Gas Station near me!

There are plenty of over-priced CBD Isolate products available in the market and on-line. People often use the examples of Vape Shop or Gas Station CBD products when describing over-priced CBD. Typically, this is because most purchases at a convenience store or gas station is spur of the moment and without regard as much to price or affordability (a logical basis).

There are web sites with similar CBD products as to what Bud & Me products are. Most will have different flavors. But, flavors aren’t as important with Isolated CBD. This is because most isolate CBD drops have little to no flavor due to their lack of terpenes and chlorophyll (two very common components found in Full Spectrum CBD drops). Many manufacturers will package their CBD drops in larger than standard 1 oz bottles. Using 2 or 4 ounce bottles allows for the psychological impression that the bottle actually contains a stronger CBD than the competition.

To keep yourself from falling for the same trap, it’s a good idea to learn a quick way to calculate the concentration of CBD (the key compound in the drops) and the typical dosage per dropper.

With Bud & Me 1 oz bottles of 1000mg high quality CBD oil (hemp oil extract with a high concentration of Cannabidiol), each bottle of 30 ml bottle conveniently offers 30 doses. This is convenient because most CBD drop products are in 30ml/1 oz bottles as previously mentioned. If you divide the 1000mg in the bottle over 30 doses (1000mg ÷ 30 doses = 33.33mg) you will have about 33.3 mg of CBD per dose. If you’d like to calculate the COST per dose, the math is simple too. Divide the price you pay for the bottle (as in this example for Bud & Me at SRP of $42.95) by the number of doses from the bottle. Again, using the Bud & Me product as an example, it’s 30 doses ( 1ml per dose recommended with 30ml in the bottle yields very close to 30 doses). We see that ($42.95 ÷ 30 doses = $1.43/dose) the per dose gives you the additional CBD boost a very affordable price point to assist with botanical healing. Essentially, this may equate to less than $1.50 a day to boost the impact of any Full Spectrum products you may be using as well.

But doesn’t expensive mean Better?

In some clear cases, the higher prices are related to higher cost of products and often higher quality products. In products that are produced in large volume, such as CBD isolate, prices should be understandable and not too high. With Bud & Me Isolated CBD Drops/Tincture the product is manufactured in a GMP certified facility from organic method grown industrial hemp. The products are Vegan and Made in the USA. Every product from Bud & Me is lab-tested and the COA (certificate of analysis) is retained for customer education. Clearly, there are affordable CBD isolate products available. Bud & Me leads the way in helping people enjoy more Cannabinoids without breaking the budget.

Ingredients for Bud & Me Isolated CBD Drops/Tincture

Bud & Me drops are quality-formulated with two simple ingredients: MCT oil (as the carrier) and high quality CBD isolate.

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