Blaze Delta-10 Gummies 750mg


Blaze Delta-10 Gummies 750mg with mixed flavor edibles (750mg jar) with 25mg D10 in each tasty Gummy.

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Blaze Delta-10 Gummies 750mg are exceptionally great tasting (not so “hempy” like some brands) with a wonderful lift to your day.

These exceptional edibles from the makers of the Blaze Vape Carts are perfect for boosting your streamlined thoughts and meditative actions. Find better focus and ease away discomfort with these sweet treats.

We offer their 30 Count (25mg per gummy) jars with 750mg of tasty ten THC for you to enjoy life with less hassle.

Why Blaze Delta-10 Gummies 750mg?

These gummies are rich-tasting fruit chews with a great D10 punch. If you’re a fan of Sativa cannabis and appreciate more focus and a boost of internal energy, then these are the better choice for you. The 750mg pack is perfect for a dose a day for a month.

If you’re a fan of the more indica feel and appreciate the benefits of Delta-8, then we suggest other edibles.


Sugar, Water, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Gelatin, Corn Syrup, Hemp Derived Delta 10 THC extract, Natural and Artificial flavoring, Artificial Color

These lab-tested Blaze Delta 10 Gummies 750mg are made in the USA.

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