Enriched Lip Balm from Hemp Adaptives™

Soothing power of CBD and great natural essence to make your lips “THANK YOU” for better treatment.

Each of these highest quality Lip Balm is packed with 125mg of CBD in each tube. We’ve not found a single competitor who can match this strength with the price match from Hemp Adaptives™. This reason is why Carolina Hemp Hut proudly offers Hemp Adaptives™ products to everyone who cares about their overall health while helping them save money.

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Your lips are a key part of your overall appearance. If you’d like to keep them looking their best while helping yourself to better health, then Hemp Adaptives™ and their exclusive Lip Balm rich with CBD are perfect for you.

Many people already know that CBD helps cells regenerate while naturally reducing inflammation which is a great benefit to your lips which may be exposed to the negative impact of wind, cold, sun, and dry air. Say NO to chapped and sore lips now with Hemp Adaptives™.

Why you should use CBD Lip Balm from Hemp Adaptives™

With so many potential benefits from the use of topical CBD, we understand that it’s a good idea to use CBD lip balm to protect and hydrate your lips. The team at Hemp Adaptives™ doesn’t claim any “cure” from CBD on your lips, but they do stand by the overall impact of the cannabinoids on your skin and lips. CBD gives your lips a tremendous boost of natural compounds to help them to stay smooth, healthy and regenerate quickly from damage.

Because of the addition of CBD to our modestly tinted lip balm, you get CBD into your system every time you apply it. This means you get the soft tinted lips you seek while lavishing your lips in helpful CBD – which your body craves already!

There are other brands of CBD lip balm. Most have found that customers crave healthier lips and have been willing to pay high prices for the added protection of CBD. This is why many lip balm products with CBD range from 5mg of CBD per container to a typical high strength of 50mg. For day-to-day lip protection, any CBD strength would be beneficial. To help your body reap the benefits of topically applied CBD, then you need to look to the strengths of 75mg and higher.

Hemp Adaptives™ has a history of going beyond the crowded field of CBD providers for health and beauty. Their critically acclaimed 2000mg CBD Hemp Salve (topical balm to improve skin health and reduce discomfort from pain and aches) was introduced when other providers were sticking to high-priced 500mg and weaker salves. The team at Hemp Adaptives™ works to keep your health and beauty products more affordable than ever while making sure the quality and strength is what you expect from a premium brand.

Do yourself a favor!

This is a really simple task. Just search the web for “lip balm cbd”. Look at the many products available for protecting your lips with CBD. Don’t confuse “hemp oil” products with “hemp oil extract” products. The extract products are the only ones likely to contain CBD which you need. Once you’ve looked at several lip care products with CBD, do the simple math to find out the total price per milligram of CBD. This simple formula is:

Price of Product divided by the Total Milligrams of CBD in the Product

Here’s an example using Hemp Adaptives™ Premium Lip Shimmer:

Suggested Retail Price of Hemp Adaptives™ Pretty in Pink Champagne: $13.50
Total Milligrams of CBD in product: 125mg

13.50/125 = 0.108

This means that the Premium Lip Shimmers from Hemp Adaptives™ at regular price are 10.8¢ per milligram. Be a smart shopper. Do the math on the products and compare the benefits of each. You’ll learn that Hemp Adaptives™ products sold by Carolina Hemp Hut (especially since we keep our prices even lower than the manufacturer recommends!) are the superior products at the best price to you, the consumer.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in
Lip Formula

Pina Colada, Mar.Cherry


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