Live Resin CBD Vape Cart 750mg


Live Resin CBD Vape Cart 750mg from Liberty CBD with all natural resin and NO FILLERS

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Live Resin CBD Vape Cart 750mg are the perfect choice for those who appreciate unadulterated and pure vaping pleasure from cannabis. Don’t settle for mixed up, vegetable glycerin rich vape tanks when nature’s best is available!

The CBD in live resin is extracted from the hemp plant in its raw state before it has had a chance to cure. It essentially retains all of the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils, which become lost when the plant is dried.

These live resin is made by flash-freezing the hemp flowers as soon as they’re harvested and then using a C02 extraction method. The result is a perfectly preserved concentrate of the hemp plant in full bloom.

Fans of live resin know that Live Resin offers a far more complex terpene profile. This means it can deliver a different and more complex experience with vaping as well. This is predominantly due to the entourage effect—how all the different cannabis compounds including terpenoids, cannabinoids and more to work together to create an experience.

Liberty Brand Hemp’s organic live resin carts taste alive and fresh. If you’re looking for the essence of the hemp plant in a vape cart, these carts are for you!

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