About Hemp Oil Rockstar

Hemp Oil Rockstar was formed in 2017 by Mary Lopez Carter in response to emergent health concerns among her family members. Until the passage of the US Farm Bill’s provisions securing legal status for hemp-derived cannabinoids, the use of healing cannabis products was in limbo.

The US Farm Bill (2018) expanded access to more cannabis-related therapies for discomfort from pain, aches, insomnia, anxiety and more. Hemp Oil Rockstar’s team was formed with health in mind.

The team of Hemp Oil Rockstar spent time in CO and other cannabis-legal States to explore more options for helping people with hemp and other forms of cannabis. During this time, it was noticed that altogether too many people find THC as the only direction for healing.

We’ve made it part of our mission to educate people to understand more aspects of botanical based health and especially the possibilities of cannabis. This is why we help people with products that are suited to both every day use and occasional use.

Since CBD is a co-equal partner in cannabis as THC is, we work to combine the two along with other cannabinoids to boost health outcomes. We provide affordable yet quality products for customers who wish to improve their health and reduce the discomfort associated with injuries and aging. Our products are typically far more affordable while providing the highest standards for purity.

Health Conditions may be improved with Hemp, CBD and Delta-8 products and other Hemp Products. We take the time to inform consumers of medical studies supporting the application of hemp products for health.