CBD Lotions, Creams and Other Topicals

CBD, THC and other cannabinoids have shown to be wonderful for many people to assist with reducing discomfort from a variety of conditions. Most typically, people have found that CBD products, whether balms, lotions, salves or creams, are effective for lowering the overall discomfort associated with conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Rashes, Inflammation plus aches and Pains.

Exploring Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis Creams and Salves are just a start with the world of Cannabinoids

Full Spectrum Topicals

Contains the most Phytocannabinoids. These are often the best product for comfort when you have pain and aches. Although it is highly unlikely, it may lead to a failed drug test due to trace amount of Delta-9 THC (limited to 0.3%) present in Full Spectrum.

Broad Spectrum Topicals

Contains the most phytocannabinoids aside from Full Spectrum. Benefits healing with Cannabis without the worry over Drug Testing. Broad Spectrum has under 0.3% D9-THC and often has added Terpenes for better health outcomes.

Isolate Topicals

The simplest cannabis products with only one cannabis compound. The most common is CBD isolate. Others include Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, CBG and more from the phytocannabinoid family of compounds from cannabis.

CBD Creams for Pain, Aches and other skin therapy

CBD and other cannabinoid based products have been all the rage in recent years. This is, in a small part, surely due to the wonderful anecdotal evidence presented by consumers of cannabis products.

People have been exploring the healing compounds of cannabis such as Cannabidiol (CBD) in lotion form, salves and balms, and even shaving oils. Nearly every product offered containing CBD and related cannabinoids is intended to help people overcome some health obstacle using botanicals, rather than relying solely on pharmaceutical products.