Neuropathic pain is a debilitating form of chronic pain resulting from nerve injury, disease states, or toxic insults. It has been proposed by many that CBD (Cannibidiol) and it’s related Cannibinoids assist in reducing the pain perceived.

Clinical studies largely affirm that neuropathic pain patients derive benefits from cannabinoid treatment.

Currently, most medications for this condition exist in the form of pain relievers; in these cases, it may be over the counter drugs such as anti-inflammatories, which can be used to relieve mild symptoms. As the level of pain relief needed was increased, so is the dosing for higher strength drugs, since as opioids.

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I’m not a Doctor, but I play one on TV

Actually, I’m not even playing a Doctor. This is why we tend to provide information from doctors and researchers along with the results of studies they’ve published. We’re more of messengers for CBD and Hemp Oil.

It’s astounding how many people will take CBD and Hemp Oil to “try and see” then are able to report that one or more positive results were apparent. While these testimonials which are sent to Hemp Oil Rockstar aren’t considered scientific fact, it’s refreshing to know that many people perceive CBD as being useful to improve health. Even Mayo Clinic discussion boards cover benefits of Cannibidiol and Hemp Oil for things such as neuropathy and localized pain.