Our post on calculating CBD dosing for pets was so popular, we decided to craft a permanent entry for our customers to access. Please feel free to use this calculator to determine the best starting dosing for your pets. You can also download our calculator for Pet Dosing with CBD here.

We also recommend that you follow the advice of a trained veterinarian or similar expert whenever possible. The calculations here provide merely a guideline based upon recommendations from other experts. It’s a good idea to confirm dosing for your pets whenever possible.

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We’ve learned that most dogs are willing to take a serving of hemp oil (easy to dose!) if you use a spoon. We have discovered that you can take a small amount of peanut butter, butter, bacon fat, cheese or similar tasty morsel and use it as a lure for the pet to take the complete dose of CBD easily. Simply take the peanut butter or similar and smear a small amount around the bowl of a spoon. Place the drops of CBD (as per dosing calculations) in the center of the spoon and offer to the pet. Most pets will ignore the CBD and simply clean the whole spoon. If this doesn’t work for your pet, consider another tempting taste or simply mix the cbd into a wet food that the pet enjoys. You don’t need to use a lot of food to mask the taste of the CBD – most dogs will take plain, unflavored CBD without much effort.

These products offer lower doses (mg) of CBD oil combined with tasty morsels to make it easier to provide dosing for your pets if needed. Some pets don’t like taking Hemp Oil from a spoon (even following the tricks described above), so these products have been shown to be useful. There is also a ‘flavor’ for cats!

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