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CBD and Hemp Oil Extract based Topicals

Topicals are cosmetics and medicines which can be applied directly to the skin. Topicals with CBD have been shown to be effective in many cases.

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Topical CBD for Discomfort from Pain

There have been numerous studies on the usage for CBD (Cannabidiol) with dermatological application. When CBD is applied to the skin, it’s been shown in studies to have effective results.

Some people apply CBD based (preferably the Full Spectrum products which contain a trace amount of THC) and note significantly reduced discomfort as associated with Joint Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and other pain-producing inflammation.

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CBD as an aid to Reduce Acne

If you’re the parent of a teenager with acne issues or you’re familiar with acne yourself, you may want to investigate the use of CBD. It’s been shown in scientific studies that CBD, CBDV and other cannabinoids are useful in the treatment of acne lesions and inflammation.

If you’re someone who suffers from acne, consider one of our Hemp Adaptives™ salves – not only as a great aid in reducing discomfort in muscles and joints, but in reducing the impact of acne.

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Treating skin conditions with CBD

There are some who put up with the figurative (and in some cases, literal) pain of skin inflammation and related conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. They may have tried balms, salves and ointments prescribed by doctors. They may have some success in reducing the inflammation. This wasn’t enough for may researchers.

Researchers have found that CBD salves applied to the surface of the skin show improvement in skin condition for people suffering from dermatitis and psoriasis (and other conditions).

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