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Mary Lopez Carter

It's TIME to take CHARGE of your HEALTH!

Today, people everywhere are talking about Hemp Oil Extract, CBD, Cannabinoids and Natural Health. It’s well-known that products with higher levels of THC are only legal in a few States. However, products with LESS THAN 0.3% of THC ARE LEGAL across the country.

My team started Hemp Oil Rockstar in 2017 in response to a family member’s fight with cancer. Since this time, we’ve found new ways to help everyone introduce better health through botanical products.

I invite you to join me in improving the health of not only yourselves, but of family members, friends and others.

I realize there are people who believe that Cannabis products are all illegal or that they don’t work. I also realize I cannot change everyone’s mind. However, I’m in the fight to help everyone feel better, live better and have a healthier life!

It’s time to join the band. Stick around and learn more about ways you can boost your health — With Hemp Oil Rockstar!

Mary Lopez Carter, Founder of Hemp Oil Rockstar


Hemplucid Water Soluble CBD

Getting the CBD and other Cannabinoids into your bloodstream is the primary job of any dosing of product. Whether you're taking sublingual drops or chewing a CBD-rich edible, getting your money's worth from the CBD product purchase is important. That's why the team at Hemp Oil Rockstar loves the fast-absorption of Hemplucid's Water Soluble products.

Hemp Health is possible!

It’s important to start with a better diet. When you’re searching for better health, natural products such as hemp protein, hemp oil and hemp oil extract have all proven to be beneficial to humans.

Don’t let naysayers say that hemp is an evil plant. 

Hemp Protein is a clean protein. Hemp fiber is super beneficial and helps your digestive tract. Hemp seed oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory aid and boosts your vital Omega fatty acids.

You may hear people describe hemp (cannabis sativa) as a tool for people to get “high”. It’s true, the cousin of hemp, marijuana, is richer in THC. Hemp is very LOW in THC and doesn’t have the psychoactive properties that marijuana has.

Don’t fall for the hype. Give hemp products a try – you’ll find better health – naturally.