Hemp Oil Rockstar for Hemp Products

Here at Hemp Oil Rockstar, we seek out the BEST in CBD products available. We perform hours of research and products testing. We ensure that each product we offer has a Certificate of Analysis that falls within our strict guidelines. Each manufacturer must provide detailed information on each product we stock. Additionally, we require that all of our products be grown in the United States.

Collectively, we’ve worked with Hemp Oil Extracts and other products for several years. Due to this, we’ve also learned many ways to ensure that the products we offer are the best for our customers. We don’t import hemp oil extracts from Spain or China. We only offer premium hemp oil extracts for our customers which are sourced from farms in the United States. We want our customers to know that North Carolina, Colorado, Kentucky and other hemp States are following stringent growing guidelines and we exact tougher rules on our products. Further, our products are not from Mulit-Level Marketing or similar sales schemes. We stock every product we offer.

Mary Lòpez Carter founded Hemp Oil Rockstar in early 2018 after she did copious research into products which would help her husband, David Pratt Carter, beat cancer (he had a malignant intracranial tumor). She discovered the promising impact of CBD on people’s health. Soon after finding success with Hemp Oil Rockstar, she secured space at the Streets at Southpoint mall in Durham, NC to establish a more permanent location to help people of the community with better health options.

On October 19, 2018, Mary and her team opened Carolina Hemp Hut in the mall (located near the Microsoft Store). Mary and the team continue to educate consumers with information from scientists, researchers and medical professionals on the benefits of hemp oil extracts.

This store grew in popularity very quickly thanks to the top-notch service offered by the team. The “CBD Consultants” of Carolina Hemp Hut became known as the “go to” people for answers on CBD and Cannabinoids. Due to the rise in popularity, the Rockstars decided to move to a much larger facility in 2019 and have the new Flagship “Carolina Hemp Hut” store in Hillsborough, NC.

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